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Cut Line-Code022

Cut Line

The CUT LINE is a full automated plant designed for cutting, distribution and automatic bending of rebars, managing the whole production cycle at an extremely high flexibility level and assuring high productivity.


LTM 60 - 300 - 500-Code024

LTM 60 - 300 - 500

The LTM is a plant for the rebar cutting, designed for heavy duty work, easy to operate and to maintain.

It is equipped with high capacity hydraulic guillotine shears available in different configurations. These features are particularly appropriate for production in high volume and big cutting series consisting of large amount of identical bars (same diameter and size).


Super Flex 32 - 40-Code025

Super Flex 32 - 40

The SUPERFLEX can process and cut stock rebar at very high level of productivity and tolerance accuracy.

It is based on a very strong and reliable heavy duty structure that can be managed by a single operator.


Flexi Plus-Code023

Flexi Plus

The FlexiPlus is designed with a mobile holding rack, aligning with the extraction feeding unit. It cuts the bars and unloads on both sides, being equipped with a great number of locations in the collecting racks, all suitable to be loaded automatically. This solution reduces the number material transitions, containing the overall dimensions of the plant and the number of operators.


CT12 - C40-Code021

CT12 - C40

The CT is a robust and very easy to use cutting bench equipped with a strong and powerful electro-mechanical shear.

The simple configuration and limited footprint make it extremely versatile in any lay-out configuration.